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As salam alaykoum rahmattoullah wa barakatouh.

Cowardice is now at its peak in France ever since the medias have inflamed their articles with the vilification of islam.

The main targets of the cowards are muslim ladies.
Since the propaganda of islamophobia is increasing throughout the media, muslim ladies are being persecuted in the name of freedom.

Nobody wants to know which freedom muslim ladies want.
It all started with the ban of the hijeb at school where allegedly the muslim school girls were being forced to attend school with their hijeb.
As a result most of the muslim school girls were forced to remove their hijeb at the entrance of the school and were absolutely not allowed to wear bandanas or hats to school whereas non muslims were allowed to keep their hats and caps in class.
In response to this ban muslim school girls have decided to stay at home and and have long distance courses.
There has never been any psychological treatment offered to these girls for the trauma they had to face.
Having to stay at home and feeling that you are not welcomed at school unless you wear what you are not comfortable with can have dramatic effects on teenagers but no disposition was taken in this sense.
The attacks towards muslim ladies have also increased along with islamophobia.
Many of the attackers have been hitting and pulling off the muslim ladies hijeb.
Pregnant hijebi muslim ladies have not been spared.
Is the french government ever going to realise and accept the psychological impact of the islamophobic laws of hijeb and niqab ban on muslim ladies?

The muslim ladies in niqab daily have to face sarcasm, insults, physical attacks, discrimination and humiliation.
Is this the ideal freedom that France dreams of for women who choose to stay or become muslim (the number of converts in France has increased specially in women)? What is freedom to a woman if she cannot cover her head with a scarf when she wants to?
Has France misunderstood the concept of freedom and confused it with oppression?
There are a lot of questions about « the freedom of women in France » that remain unanswered, and unjustified.
France seems to be among the most islamophobic countries of Europe.

Written by Bint Dhandraj.

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