As salam alaykum rahmattullah wa barakatuh.

Be an MPE ! (Mentally Prepared Expatriate)

Expatriation connotes a range of commitments.

It is therefore of upmost importance to me mentally prepared for expatriation.

The human mind is one of the most complex creations of ALLAH.

Among the surprising performances of the human mind we have a function called « adaptability ».

This is one of the factors that makes us so special among the creations of ALLAH.

We have a higher capacity than animals to adapt ourselves to new situations.

This is why we should not really have a reason to be worried about when moving to a new country.

It is a very normal stage to feel out of place for the first weeks, but then our suprising functions will take over to control our perception of our neighbourhood.

Our « adaptability » will find us a routine to focus on, and this will be our main anchorage!

Leaving a familiar place is always hard, but we should bear in mind that we are not on dunya to stay bt for a short time only.

Our aim is life after death and that is eternity.

Life on dunya is just as long as we can hold sand into our palms.

So seen this way, it is not as tough to move from one place to another.

Once you have left your country behind you, smile to the good memories you have taken with you and be a MPE (Mentally Prepared Expatriate).



Do not expect to find anything (good or bad) but just feel a bunch of surprises coming your way.

This will bring some excitement as if you were going on an adventure.

Be ready to face new challenges and be motivated to overcome any obstacles.



Once you have reached your destination, do not engage immediately on unpacking and moving in.

Take your day off to have a stroll around and feel like a visitor.

You can start unpacking the next day after having refreshed yourself and recharged your batteries with your day off.

Do not forget a to-do list where you can note down everything you need to do or buy.




Always have a to-do list ready. A busy mind doesnt have place for depression or anxiety.

Have a slot each day for visiting leicester. All work no play makes jack a dull boy.

Do not hesitate to talk to sisters/brothers in masjids and ask about cheap shops. Enlarge your social circle so as to enrich your knowledge about events and places in leicester.

Prepare yourself to meet new people, new nationalities (diversity ad colourfulness enhances beauty)

Remember that everyone is different so you cannot expect the same behaviour from everyone (some might seem rude while others sooo friendly!!)

If you feel homesick, call your family and friends regularly. Keep your family ties strong even through distances.

Make new friends (the shopkeeper, the imam, your neighbours- feels good to have a few familiar faces to talk to in your surroundings).

Do not feel shy to talk even if your english might not be like your neighbours (your neighbours’ english might be worst but at least he is making the effort to speak).

In conclusion, our « adaptability » is automatic unless we refrain it with depression and anxiety.
Our motivation and relaxation will only help us adapt more rapidly to the new atmosphere.
Every expatriate can be a Mentally Prepared Expatriate!

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