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Asalamu’alaikum wa rahmatoullahi wa barakatuhu dearest ummah, ALLAH has made migration to Leicester easy for you so that you can be closer to HIM, alhamduliLLAH.

So, it is important not to ruin everything by falling into the traps of shaytaan, in cha ALLAH.

Here are 7 important points to be seriously considered in cha ALLAH. We could refer to these points as the 7 vital points, which once neglected or damaged could cause death (here we are simply talking about the death of your migration project):


For the majority of families, the begining is not easy.
Be patient in cha ALLAH.
Keep a good adab and be appreciative of the benefits which surround you.
Have a good behaviour, do not be in backbiting groups, be righteous, with a good sense of morality, do as much good deeds as possible and help your family in cha ALLAH.
Remain in the ad3iyas, try to strengthen your imaan, and increase your 3ibadas.


Expatriation is a beautiful adventure, but the beginings are not always easy in cha ALLAH.
You might experience moments of joy, happiness, satisfaction, content, and surprise but you might also feel depressed, lonely, and sad…
It is therefore very important not to over idealise your future; as an expatriate and to keep your feet to the ground.
Know that you will need to make efforts to adapt youself to this culture, this country and these mentalities which are totally different from yours.
Obviously you will one day be deceived or tested by one of the aspects of your life as an expatriate.
You will then have to remember that no country is perfect and that man cannot escape the tests that are predestined for him, whichever country he chooses to live in.


Leaving without being fully prepared is the best way to find yourself back to square one.
Do not underestimate, dear ummah, what migrating to a foreign country implies.
Certainly ALLAH is AR RAZZAQ WAL BASSIT! HE is THE POSSESSOR OF SUBSISTENCE and THE ONE who gives with generosity, but you also need to make necessary arrangements before leaving in cha ALLAH.
In the same way you need to be prepared psychologically, morally and materially.
In short ; be ready in all ways bi idhniLLAH.


Leaving hastily without the any financial means, without a housing strategy, or without having any money to pay the future rent, furniture, and food is simply recklessness! (Of course ALLAH knows the intentions and content of the hearts; some families do not necessarily have the choice and have to go for a rapid departure.)
SubhanALLAH! Take time to study your project, to verify the stability of it, to think about it and to do salaat-ul-istekhara…
Precipitation comes from shaytaan and a solid project needs to be given a thorough thought, calmly and patiently.


Focusing on the small negative parts of expatriation to the extent of no longer appreciating the favours of ALLAH WHO permitted you to live here, can be ingratitude towards ALLAH.
alhamduliLLAH, thank ALLAH for having permitted you to live in a country where muslims are offered so many advantages!
Everywhere around the globe our brothers and sisters are leading a horrific life! Oppressed, attacked, robbed, tortured, burnt alive, raped, murdered by drones..
For some muslims each day of their life is a hard test. May ALLAH reward them with Firdaws without judgement nor punishment. Ameen!
You have been given the favour of coming here and being free, alhamduliLLAH, so if your house has an old carpet, if you find worms in winter in your garage, ants on your balcony in summer, just take a deep breath and put it all into perspective!


This point concerns men of course!
In UK, Women muslim or non muslims, are quite open minded, very often extroverted, courteous and friendly.
Know your limits in cha ALLAH!
Take care of your household, and be compassionate towards your wives who are far from their families, and their motherland which tend to be quite hard on them.


Here, muslim brothers with beard that reach the chest, drive Aston Martin and enormous 4×4 hybrids are driven by niqabi sisters.

Big houses, big cars, luxurious clothing, some have been favoured by ALLAH ( ALLAHumma Barak lahoum)

Do not lose yourself in the race for wealth, and do not be bewildered by the luxury that seems so easy to obtain.

To conclude we advise you to avoid the obstacles mentioned above and to do all the good that you can so that your migration be beneficial on dunya and in akhira.
Ask yourself the pertinent questions :

« -Why have i come here for?
-In what state is my deen since i have reached here?
-Have i reached the objectives i had targeted?« 

May ALLAH give you success fi dunya wa fil akhira.. Ameen!

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